Captaincy in soccer is extremely underrated, simply because most of the people feel that it is not necessary. Primarily, soccer is driven by team energy and enthusiasm, and a few genius players taking the page. However, very often people realize that without an effective captain, they might not be able to circumvent any problems that come their way. So, it is also highly imperative that a captain not only displays the perfect sense of leadership and experience, but also has an understanding on the diplomacy and the tact to ensure that nothing goes wrong with the squad.

Let’s look at some of the best Captains in soccer of all time

Franz Beckenbauer

Playing for Bayern Munich and then Germany, France Beckenbauer has not only been able to bring about a subtle change in how Captains and looked at in soccer, but has been able to revolutionize creating wonderful strategies when the game begins. He is also regarded as one of the best defenders, and therefore has been able to lead from the front. The best part about Franz is the fact that he was true to his name in remaining a captain that was full of diplomacy and played at the very best of international sbobet levels.

Johan Cruyff

Playing for Ajax and then Holland, this Dutch captain was one of the best in the early 1970s. He is also credited with changing the scene of football forever by introducing total football in the game, be it for his club or for his country. It is the phenomenal leadership of Johan that has led to immense amount of success for the Dutch team, and continues, till this day to provide a sense of fluidity into what was previously known as a very rigid sport.

Roy Keane

More famous for his stint with Manchester United rather than his national side, Ireland, Roy Keane was definitely one of the best Captains at the club level. Not only was he able to bring a lot of silverware for the club, but he had the innate capability of taking on even the most unruly people in his team and turn them into champions. Roy Keane was definitely one of those people that you would want to be your captain, particularly because he had the perfect ability for quality man management and extract the best out of every person in the team.

Paolo Maldini

One of the most charismatic, handsome, and the best person known for his leadership skills, Paolo Maldini was definitely one of those people that had been able to bring forward the essence of captaincy in AC Milan. Nicknamed the captain, he had been able to bring a lot of silverware for the club, although he did not reflect the same amount of success in the World Cup for Italy. This does not in any way step into the popularity that Maldini had been able to bring to his club and to himself with effective captaincy.